Welcome to my little home on the internet!

It’s not much of a blog but it’s my journey that God has laid out for me. Every road leads somewhere. We can choose to try to control our destination and most times fail. Or we can follow the plans God has for us. I have tried so hard in the past to control everything in my life. I had failed miserably at all of it. At least until I handed everything over to The Lord. I follow His lead. And since doing so and spending quality time with God, my life had improved. I’m not struggling like I was. I’m not depressed and I don’t feel crazy. I handle challenges and mistakes with a better outlook. That’s just what the downs are. Challenges.

For me I’ve learned that God does not put in front of me anything I can’t handle. I just have to figure out what I need to do as a Christian to overcome it.

For those of us who are Believers, we know what all of that means. And for those who aren’t and don’t know, any blog written by a Christian will show you. Just read with an open heart, an open mind and never feel as though you are being pressured or preached to. I don’t do that. I write about my journey, Christian life from my perspective, and the way God works in my life.

So I invite you to grab a coffee, tea or hot chocolate, hunker down in your favorite spot and read along. No pain, no gain!

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God bless and protect!