Long Overdue


Well It is time I actually sat down and updated everyone on what is going on in my Life.. Well, I think the last time I wrote anything was living in a hotel.. Well let me just tell you things have changed and have gotten alot better..

Diana is in New Jersey with the Ex and His New Wife.. Yes He remarried.  Christianna loves her and you know thats ok even though she barely speaks to me.   I am living in Pennsylvania now and am Engaged. Well I should say getting Married in less than a week..    Richard is still in West Virginia as far as I know and is doing well for him self. I try and talk to all the kids. Well when they talk to me that is..

It is Exciting but I am a nervous wreck.. It is not a big huge wedding. Just something Simple and Sweet.. The way I want it.. Pictures will come trust me..   I am sure everyone will get tired of seeing them after a while..

Anyways Before I get More into that. I guess I should give you a Full update..
In June I moved from West Virginia to Pennsylvania and started life here.  It was very hectic and I thought  finding someone who actually loved me for me and was not using me would be hard but  I was wrong.  More on that soon..  I have seen the girls 2 times since I have been in PA and its been hard but you can only do so much when the X husband will not allow you to see them..


Life in General!


Isn’t that the truth? I keep so much to my self because it seems that no one really understands.  The last few months seems to be total hell and chaos! Well as most of my readers knew I moved from Indiana back to West Virginia to be closer to the kids. Well that did not go exactly as planned.. Come to find out my ex husband is actually moving to New Jersey. So Yeah..  I get that and I understand completely.  So as some knew that I was actually staying with him and the kids for a bit but his Girl friend did not like the fact that I was there so I had to leave. I had no place to go so a friend of mine let me stay with her because that is where Diana was staying for school. Well that was ok but things kind of went all wrong and crazy.  Diana was the one doing all the chores and her kids and her did nothing.. Even when I came home from work I had to help Diana.. So it was stressful, lots of yelling and screaming and all everyday.

Now we are in a Hotel for a week. Probably not the best place but you know it is better than the van or someplace else worse.  I am grateful that I have an amazing man in my life who puts me and Diana first..  I will have to explain more on that later.

Anyways I am still working at Flying J and now they cut me from 37 hours down to 20 hours a week and that is crazy. I am not sure how they expect me to actually support my child with 20 hours a week..  I am not sure at all, I guess it maybe something that I have to figure out.