Win My Heart


I am a bit behind but will be catching up. It has been hectic here and if you have read any of my past posts or just subscribing to this one you know why I get behind and hectic!  Anyways the post for today is 5 ways to win my heart!

5 ways to Win my heart

  1. Buy me coffee! Seriously, I am a coffee drinker and will love you forever if you buy me coffee!
  2.  Spoil me – No i am not saying gifts and things. Though they are always nice. I mean love and attention. Cuddle me – I love to cuddle!
  3.  Never expect me to be anything other than who I am.  Accept me for me!
  4.  Be your self with me. Never pretend to be something you are not!
  5. Never Lie to me.. Always be up front and straight forward.  I do not like being lied to.

Those are just 5 Ways to win my heart. Though their is several and I am not going into all of them right now! ”






Starting off May with a Blog Challenge with My Pea from Forever Myself! We figured it would be interesting to do this together so we decided why not!

Today’s topic is a Recent Compliment! The most recent comment I guess would have to be from a lady who works at Taco Bell. We went in recently while Diana Visited for spring break and she said I looked beautiful with my hair cut the way it is now.
That made my day! Someone we met in passing to say something like that even though she does not really know anything about us! Yes, Kris tells me I am beautiful but that does not really make me content. When a friend or someone I don’t know says it I tend to smile more. Why I am not really sure. Just seems to be the way it works! I know a few people who are the same way!  Hearing others say thing about you that do not know you generally makes one feel good about them self! I know it does me!

Just Maybe

Sometimes I wonder if Just Maybe, I am asking to much from my partner but then again I should have to ask for much.. Hell When you are basically told they do not find you attractive your world crumbles around you! Ok, Just maybe I am not the prettiest girl in the world, the skinniest or the most perfect face and hair.. I have had 3 kids and if you want perfect go find a Barbie Doll.. I am far from perfect. I make mistakes, I am flawed. I do not have the perfect Body, I have stretch marks, I have scars and I have many imperfections. I do not have a itty bitty waist! I know i am not perfect but I am simply who I am!

I just need to remember that I am stronger than i am. I need to remember that I am the only one who is going to control my happiness! I am the only one who has the ability to change this! Though it is hard when you give someone so much and get so less in return!


We all makes  mistakes in life that we can not change though we regret them. My biggest mistake is being stuck with one or 2 of my ex husbands bills..  Yes, you read that right. I am stuck with his bills.  I can not pay them right out because the balance is to high!  One of them alone right now is over $4,000.00, that is no joke.. Daily I get calls from the collection agency. When can you take care of this balance. No matter how many times I have told them it is not mine, I get the same some and dance. “Well your name was added to the account so their for we can not reach him and you are the only one we can get a hold of so their for it is your responsibility to pay this.  It gets so old any more. I mean hell, they take my taxes every single year and have for the past 2 years. Even state takes. Did I mention, A month a go I sent them 1,000.00 and that has take the debit down to what it is now.. Sadly they add interest at a high rate that small weekly payments are not even enough to make a dent in it due to interest!  That right their  is enough to drive anyone crazy!

So the other day at work, Someone asked me how i was so young and have been divorced! I think that was the hardest thing for me to answer but yet the easiest!  Its not a mistake or the hardest thing getting divorced. When the person you were with tells you our of his own mouth that he is only with you still because of the kids  and emotionally and physically abuses you then it is honestly time to get out while you can. I am sad that it took me so long to realize what I was worth!  Though sometimes now I still have a hard time realizing that. When you go through it for a better part of 18 years, you have a hard time believing you are actually worth something!  I would have gotten out of the relationship sooner if I actually thought I could but it was never the right time. Others will say it was not the right time when I did but when you start to feel your depression kicking into high gear and you your self begin to feel that you are better off not around it is time to get out!  Even if it means leaving everything and your children behind because you knew deep down he was capable of taking care of them more than you could at the moment!   That is one mistake I can not change.. He has the girls though Christianna is going to be 18 in September.  I would love to get custody of Diana but that is making sure I have a steady job working more than 3 days a week 4 hours a day!

Though story of my life no matter the fact that I have moved on. I am stuck paying for debits that belong to my ex husband.. A mistake indeed to co sign anything with him!