Bucket List

My Bucket list ( I will probably add more to this list as time goes)

I have to see if I even get to complete it or maybe it will be a great place to start for 2017 !

  1. Blogs more about what I want to not for others
  2.  Write a Book on my Terms!
  3. Complete at least 1 photo project
  4. Take more pictures
  5. Blog Daily (well atleast Try to)
  6. Complete at least 1 story I have started
  7.  Try not to smack my oldest when he says something stupid
  8. Read 365 book in 1 year.
  9. Try and be better Organized
  10. Cook more, Less fast food!
  11.  Have  at least 400 or so Blog Followers
  12.  Join more blog hops
  13. Go back to school
  14. Get My blog More organized
  15. Visit Mount Rushmore
  16. Go to YellowStone National Park