Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels


Written In Pinks is a personal blog. The name came up because pink is my favorite color and purple being my 2nd favorite color. I have personal handwritten journals and most of their content is written in some hue of pink or light purple. Written In Pink just seemed to be simple and sort of roll across my tongue where Written In Purple seemed just too outlandish and didn’t flow well when spoken. Basically, I came up with Written In Pink because of well, the fact that it being a color I love and used for my handwritten journals, and nothing more. There is no spectacular explanation or funny story behind it all. It is just what it is. Written In Pinks.

The blog itself started out to be the launch pad for my Christian Journey to share with the world, but I had other interests, hobbies and topics I enjoy as well and they didn’t quite feel like they would settle into the niche of a Christian Blog. I had multiple blogs everywhere including blogger (a few on blogger) and I was jumping around so much that some blogs didn’t get posted on for months and months, others were attended to on a daily basis. I realized once one of my personal blogs got a good roll along the solid ground that I was enjoying posting randomness on a personal level much more than doing separate blogs for things.

I deleted all of the original posts here, posted my personal blog’s challenges starting May 1st, 2019 here and deleted those with an “I’ve Moved” post directing people here. To tell you the truth I don’t like niches. I’m not building a business, I don’t profit from my blog and I enjoy too many different things to stick to one “Brand in a niche”. I am run by the tide and by my emotions. It’s a personal blog, hello!? Yes, I pay for it but hey when I feel settled down enough to find that one niche that satisfies my eclectic taste then maybe, I’ll attempt to make a few dollars from it. Until then I’ve decided to sit down on the rollercoaster that I’ve commandeered and hang on for the ride and enjoy it while it is still considered a safe amusement.

Here I am! Here I stay!

I hope you join me for the twists, turns, loops, drops and climbs in this thing called “A Blogger’s Life.”