Worst Habits


Let me see what are some of my worst habits. I think the biggest would be that  I pick at my nails even when i want them to grow I still manage to pick at them. Though lately I have been good and managed not to.    Another would be that I tend to keep everything , I have been slowly going through and deleting alot of things that are not necessary as well as throwing things away!    What are some of your habits?

One thought on “Worst Habits

  1. Good morning Sam! ❤

    Ohhhh yeah, picking at my nails is definitely the worst! You know what made them resistant to that? Having my nails done! And I’m pretty sure that can be accomplished just by having a manicure, not always fake fingernails. See, they get at the edges of my (and your) nails, so that there aren’t any hangnails. Just thought I’d pass that on! I don’t get it now – no job/no money – but you might be able to do it.

    Also trying to get rid of things, SOOOOOOO hard! I have a slightly unpacked house (still), whereupon I dumped a third of a 10×10 storage bin on it…groooaaannn Yeah, not getting far with that at all! I want this storage bin GONE! I want the rent for that to go towards a premium world-wide membership to Ancestry.com. Oh yeah! 😁 My reward. Also, being so easy to just lay in bed… That’s one bad habit I wish I could control! I can, but it’s a helluva fight!

    Hey, not too bad – I’ve got some mondo bad habits, but not as many as I figured!


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