Whats in My Bag?

This is a loaded question but I will answer it..  I have a pen and a permanent marker, 2 pairs of sunglasses as well as a bag of chap stick and lip gloss , a bag with all my cards in it,  pepper stray, tissues, hand sanitize and keys. Usually it carries alot more depending on the day!

That’s the run down of my bag. What’s in your?

3 thoughts on “Whats in My Bag?

  1. Wallet, 97 receipts – half of which I should NOT have spent the money! – spare keys, glasses, water bottle, bag with chap stick and aspirin, etc., zip up bag holding reward cards, nose spray (natch, right? 😁 ), ear buds, some wet wipes and hand sanitizer. Oh and a small note book to record mileage and how much gas bought ‘cuz – don’cha know it? My gas gauge doesn’t work! LOL Good Morning Sam! (And yes, it IS evening as I write this but you’ll prolly see it in the morning. *wink*)


    1. I actually seen it late last night! I usually keep earbuds and things in my purse. That was just a light load! I usually also carry my kindle or a book with me depending on what is going on that day and where we are going.. My rewards cards are all loaded into my phone or In the ACU colored pouch!

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      1. I want a Kindle SOOO bad! LOL I’m just getting on the whole cards-in-my-phone thing – Sheetz is my only one so far. I noticed the pouch – that’s got some miles on it doesn’t it? Yup! What other rewards cards on on phones by now? No one else that I know of right now. Hugs!


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