Book Review – Learn to Study the Bible

Learn to Study the Bible by Andy Deane (Pastor)

Pages: 347

Publisher: Xulon Press

This book I bought because I had tried so many different Bible study methods that I found online. None of which kept my attention. This book was written in simple language and has 40 methods to study your bible. Each one explained in detail with sample pages as a guide. Pastor Andy Deane has written a book that in my opinion should be on everyone’s’ bookshelf. There is a study method within the cover for each person regardless of age, reading ability or time.

This book has step-by-step methods so you can enjoy God’s word and discover and apply to your life.

Some of the methods explained in the book:

  • Daily Bread
  • Translation Comparison
  • Rethink & Restate
  • Cross Thoughts
  • Word Studies
  • Alphabet Method
  • Funnel-It
  • Biblical Topics
  • Bible Characters and more!

I personally find this book invaluable. I find myself trying each of the methods to find the one that works the best and gives me a more comfortable study time. However, each method has its own intrigue for me.

I recommend this book to anyone looking for a study method they can stick to and keep The Word in their daily study schedule.


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