Thinking Out Loud


Thinking Out Loud – I wish I could actually say how I feel to people and they actually understand it! Thinking back on the past and how things went and how you felt.. It is something that you can never forget  no matter what lies ahead for either of you.  Do I think things could have been different? Yes, but things happen in our lives for a reason and honestly sometimes you have to go with the flow of things..  Though sometimes you want to go back and change the past and you realize that you can’t.

How I feel about all of that takes a toll on you every single day. Especially when you loved someone and yes they loved you back. But they were not willing to give up one thing!  It is something that tends to play the what if game with your mind and heart! It seems to make you wonder would things have changed and you would have been able to be with the one person or would it still be a constant battle.  Though sometimes you can not live that battle of what if, especially when you know that it was never meant to be.  I wish somestimes you would just understand this and know how I feel. I can tell you so many times but you will never quiet get it.  I can’t help you lead your double life!




One thought on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. I have definitely felt that way in the past and as it turned out God had different plans for me. Something bigger, something better and now I’m glad that I can’t go back and change my past. I would not be where I am today in my life with the one person who completes me in every way. Pea, trust me, There is a bigger and better tomorrow for you but you just have to be patient. That in itself is a struggle I know. You are a strong woman and you will endure to find that peace, love and fulfilling significant other who loves you the same way you love them.
    Your life is going to be wonderful, you will be okay. I love you to the moon and back Pea!


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