Getting My Engine’s Revving

I apologize for the lack of posting the past week or so. Things for June are busy with fundraising and work. However, I am preparing a book review for this month as well as getting things touched up for my June layout in my Bullet Journal and getting some Bullet Journal info posts ready to post for you. It’s a big month and very little me time but I’m really looking forward to sharing it all with you. I also have been working on an outline and info for bible study for those interested in what I’ve got going on and loving here in my spiritual world.


So, you can look forward to basic bullet journal how to’s and learning what a BuJo is, some ideas for content, layouts and spreads. A glimpse into my June and July spreads and layouts. I’ll even have some lists that might give you some ideas for personal, work, household and family to put in it. A book review on a book I bought for bible study. You’ll also get some posts to start you out with study guides, prompts and tips on getting some quality personal time with God.

For now, your anticipation will have to keep you keyed in on my posts. I’ll be posting as I finalize them and they will be random. Some will be multiple times a day and others might be a day or two apart. Just check back in. Or better yet, just follow me via the WordPress Reader or you can follow by email!

I hope you have an amazing and blessed day!


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