June – A Start of Something New

The end of the month is near and although I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing a blog challenge for May, I’m not doing a question prompt challenge for June. Sometimes I find that I don’t have an answer or I’m drawing a blank on putting words to the screen. I’m doing two new things starting in June and I think I may alternate posts between the two and then if things get really busy I don’t feel obligated to drop everything and post each day. I will try however to post daily but no promises.


The first item I’ve started is a Bullet Journal. Six months late but I tend to procrastinate or forget the tasks, meetings, appointments and my daily morning and bedtime routines. I am hoping the Bullet Journal will help me stay on track and organized without missing appointments and meetings. I’d love to share my processes, what I’ve learned and give encouragement.

The second thing I’m doing is getting back to bible study. I have failed to put the Lord first in my life as He had been last year. I realized my desire for His Word had fainted away and I couldn’t get into the scriptures. I bought a book about Bible study methods (I’ll also share my review and insights to it) and realized I can enjoy getting close to God. It doesn’t feel daunting to read and study the Bible and I’m actually learning about things He intends, wants and that I need to change and apply to my life. I’d love to share my Bible study journal, my method I’ve chosen as well as others that you can try if so inclined and give encouragement as well.

So there it is. June 1st will be a month to start something new!


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