Experiences To Treasure

Experience as defined with Google Dictionary:

  1. 1.
    practical contact with and observation of facts or events.
    “he had already learned his lesson by painful experience”
The 3rd person present: experiences
  1. 1.
    encounter or undergo (an event or occurrence).
    “the company is experiencing difficulties”

Today’s blog challenge is my top three favorite experiences.

  1. A family trip to Benson’s Animal Farm. Just my mom, dad and me. I was kissed on the top of the head by a giraffe!
  2. A weekend trip to Connecticut to my husband’s hometown for his high school reunion. I met a bunch of nice people and I was able to see his old stomping grounds as well as where he once lived.
  3. Our first year anniversary. He planned a dinner at our favorite restaurant and he told me we were going to a seedy motel. Everyone who knew his true plans never let on what he was going to do. We had dinner at Chesterfield Inn (Not only our favorite place to eat but also where he works). Then as we were beginning to leave I put my jacket on as I headed for the door and the desk clerk asked me where I was going. She informed me we had a reservation for a room for the night. Amazing!! It was special and unexpected. I flew into tears. The next morning I received my anniversary gift. Mona Lisa my cuddly, lovey purr box! I couldn’t have asked for a better First Wedding Anniversary!

And there we have it!


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