Caring For Others – Not A Job

Until this topic came up I never really realized just how much I take care of others in my life. Many different ways and usually more than I do myself. Do I get overburdened? Yes sometimes. Depending on who and what is needed taking care of I do get overwhelmed and feel like I don’t have enough time in the day or that there are things people could do for themselves but rather lay it on me and I don’t know how to say “No”. I put everyone else first and foremost in my life. Granted I think there are a few people who really just do it because they are lazy and they enjoy seeing me frantic. They do it to my husband too.

I take care of my husband. I support him emotionally and mentally and spiritually. I do his laundry, cook his meals, help him with errands, buy the food he eats. I spend time with him, listen to him and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He takes care of me too so it’s definitely a two way street in our marriage.


With my job, I take care of our church and it’s congregation by making sure there is support in running the church, sometimes I minister to members or even strangers who call just to talk and sometimes unload their burdens because all they need is an understanding and caring ear. I also help the church function so there is a church for our Christian family to attend by helping the Pastor and the boards and committees. I am on the fundraising committee too. It’s a lot of work and I do enjoy doing God’s work.

I take care of my stepdaughters when they need to talk, vent or get advice. Sometimes I make sure they have something to eat if they find themselves short on meals. I offer to let them use the washer and dryer if they need to. I spoil them with gifts and tell them I love them. I am always sure to make myself available to their needs and wants.

Even when strangers in need approach me, I will give what I can if I can.

Do I need to learn to say “No, I can’t” every now and then? Or is my giving of myself to care for others just the right amount? I’m not sure but I do know one thing… I wouldn’t be as caring and giving if it were not for my father’s example growing up into my adulthood.


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