Am I AVOIDING Self-Care?

This post has me running in circles trying to figure out just how I’m taking care of myself. Other than eating, getting coffee into my bloodstream, studying scripture, working I’m really not taking care of myself. Not good care or quality care. I’m pretty much running on empty and going through the fast pace of work, household responsibilities and giving my middle stepdaughter a ration like she’s a teenager when she’s not. She’s almost thirty years old and I treat her like she’s my daughter because of two reasons. One is that she’s a bit restless with her life. It seems like she does what I’ve done and it scares me to think she could end up like me before I met her dad. The second reason is that I truly do love her like she’s my daughter and I only want the best for her.


Yes, I take a hot relaxing shower, brush my hair, brush my teeth, put make-up on and get dressed for the day. I do household chores and feed the fur-babies. I go to work and complete my daily responsibilities. I study scripture, pray daily and read my bible. But am I really taking care of myself? I don’t get much exercise, I don’t eat healthily and I don’t drink plenty of water if any. I don’t sit down and just breathe and when I try to my fur-baby Mona wants to be held. Not a bad thing because she soothes me, but once she gets comfortable I have to get up to go to the bathroom.

I really do need to sit down and start a self-care list and put it into motion. I’m not healthy and if I don’t take care of me, I can’t take care of my husband or anyone else for that matter.


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