Smiling – Good Moments

Have you ever had a moment that not only made you joyful, exuberant or just plain content? We all have I believe and I have them frequently. Especially this past couple to three months.

I had a shocking moment when a gift was given to me that I never expected and have been wanting since the day I had oral surgery to remove all of my teeth for health reasons. I wanted teeth so I could smile AND eat my pecans and cashews. I missed smiling. Real smiles and I also missed eating the things I enjoyed and couldn’t. Since around 2001 I have had no teeth and when I smiled or laughed I hid behind my hand. I couldn’t eat raw vegetables and I couldn’t chew steak, only mush it up by gumming it and then swallowing. It was a life of no self-esteem and I was embarrassed to be in public. I didn’t feel like a real human being. And on top of it, my digestive track was out of wack because I wasn’t chewing my food properly. I was miserable.


Then one day my Pastor told me not to make plans the following week that she wanted me to make an appointment with her. I was clueless but I trust her with my life and I know she only has my best interest at heart. So the day she wanted to meet with me she told my husband and me to get in our truck and follow her. We pulled into Aspen Dental and I got out of the truck to go in and check out the “price” of dentures and she said she just needed to stop in real quick but said to come in with her.

I went in and she introduced me to everyone and looked at me and said “You have an appointment to get your teeth. My gift to you.” I broke into tears. Three days later I had not only a smile but I felt good about myself. Since the day I went home with teeth in my head I have smiled every day, I love to talk to people. I even start conversations with total strangers, I can look in the mirror and say “I love you.”

Because of one change, one gift every day has good moments and not a day goes by when I don’t smile or laugh about something multiple times a day. When things seem like they are going wrong I put myself in front of a mirror, force a smile and then I am having a good moment again.


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