A Lesson Learned

The idea of “Learning from our mistakes” is that once you make the mistake, you learn NOT to do it again. Sometimes a few of us now and then slip and forget the lesson(s) we’ve learned and it’s time to re-learn the lesson. It’s called consequences. You do something either you should or shouldn’t do, and the result can be positive consequences or negative. Either way, there’s always a lesson to be learned.


My lesson comes from when I was little. I loved to be outside playing. Didn’t matter the weather either. During the summer I was always barefoot and always running. What did our mother’s teach us? Don’t run because you’ll get hurt? Yeah well instead of falling and scraping a knee I’d usually end up with stubbed toes. This scenario lasted until I was about 15 years old. Always barefoot, and always had bandaids on my big toes. My lesson here was not one I was acknowledging period. I still ran barefoot, still stubbed my toes. I still go barefoot but I don’t think I’ve stubbed my toes for years. Lesson learned? To pick up my feet when I walk! Simple right?Not so simple. I should have learned to watch where I walk. I ended up in the back of the apartment building my mom and dad was renting in. We had a huge side yard and I was always playing in the garden, the yard or over behind the church next door playing on the swing. I don’t remember why I was along the side of the house up against the wall. But I think I was looking for something and we had a slate roof. A piece had slid off, broken and some had embedded in the dirt with sharp sides up. Not looking, or wearing shoes I stomped my foot down on the grown and all of a sudden I felt a warm sensation along my foot and up the back of my leg. I lifted my foot and looked at the bottom and I had blood pouring out and a long gash from mid arch to end of my heel. For a long time after that, I did not play next to the house and I’ve always looked where I was stepping.

As a note that gash I received was washed out and I put socks on for a couple of days but I never went to the emergency room or got stitches. I also went right back to being barefoot once it healed enough that it didn’t hurt to put pressure on it when I walked.


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