One Good Thing

Usually, I’m at work on a Monday and we are running around doing errands before my husband comes home for a nap before work. Once he goes to work I spend the evening cleaning and with my nose, eyes, brain, and heart in the bible or doing work at home for the church. Tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow is a day to do good for my husband. He’s going to relax, watch movies and I’m going to cater to his every need. This is normally something I do for his birthday or Valentines Day. However, we don’t have much “Us Time”. He’s always on the move helping everyone else out with rides and helping them with the odd moving an item around. Today is our day to do nothing but spend time together and for him to be spoiled for a change.


these days our town has a lot of traffic running through from travelers since we are on the Interstate and there are routes to New Hampshire and New York from our little big town. I don’t like a lot of traffic. People seem to lose their common sense when driving around here in a rush. So tomorrow is our day to stay home and stay in.


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