Self Control

A person can always improve their personal qualities such as Joy, Kindness, Humility, Equanimity, Letting Go, Trust, Calmness/Tranquility, Courage, Discipline, Autonomy, Wisdom, and Integrity. Lately, Humility has been my personal focus but I’ve realized that for me, they all need to be worked on at length.


Finding joy in every day, showing kindness even to strangers, Peacefulness; temperance; patience; tolerance; acceptance; resilience; and fortitude within myself and towards others as well as situations I find myself facing. Forgiveness and moderation by letting go and letting things flow as they were meant to and not trying to control everything, especially my own personal life. Faith I don’t struggle with per se. My faith in God is strong and the faith I have in others may be a bit on the topsy-turvey side. This list can go on and on. Truth is that I need to work on myself. Strengthening where I need to and focusing on allowing my life to happen as it is meant to, not as I want it to.



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