Snail Mail


There is something to be said about snail mail. Real letters. Or in my case actual bills and junk mail. I made myself giggle at work the other day when I received the mail from the day before. It was nothing but advertisements and as I was tossing them in the trash I was saying “Spam” as I was dropping each one without even thinking. It wasn’t until the last piece of junk mail when I realized just what I was doing.

The last actual piece of mail I received was a cellphone bill.

I have to admit I really miss real letters. I used to have pen-pals and we would write letter after letter after letter. I enjoyed the flow of our conversations. For some reason, this whole email and text thing seem to have pushed personal content to a whole new level. I don’t trust opening myself up in emails or in texts as much as I would letters. It’s so impersonal to me.

Do you prefer old fashioned mail or e-mail and texts and why?



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