A Role Model – A Great Teacher & Friend


It’s actually strange this prompt came up on Mother’s Day.

By definition a role model is an example to be imitiated and I’ve had the same role model my entire life. My mother. There’s no doubt she lived by example everyday. Yes she had a sailor’s vocabulary when she was riled up but otherwise she definitely showed me a lot about life, how to behave with others, how to be a loving and caring wife, how not to mistrust, and how to follow my instincts.

Like my dad she would help anyone out. She always had an ear to bend, a shoulder to cry on and such a sense of humor that any bad day could be made better even with just a smile. She could light up a room and at the same time not be the center of attention. People who met her loved her.

My mom was one who could be stern and taught me right from wrong, yet at the same time be gentle, loving and get her point across. She also had a tendancy to speak what was on her mind, and she said it the way she saw it. If you didn’t agree with her, then you simply didn’t agree, but she never changed her ideas, opinions and ways because of someone disagreeing with her.

I never heard my parents actually fight except once and that was my own doing. When they were angry with eachother, they kept quiet, stayed away from eachother and when they both were calm and weren’t dwelling on the issue, they would act as though nothing happened. Although I’d hear them discussing things at bedtime, working out their differences.

My mom didn’t have a philosophy about life, but she instilled in me, manners, consequences come with choices, A husband doesn’t do housework if he’s working, Mind your tongue – Don’t speak unless it’s something nice in public. Mom was the bubble that contained goodness, kindness, gentleness, peace and true friendship. Trust me though, when someone ticked her off and made her angry they suffered a long silence. Sometimes hours, sometimes days and there have been some that she didn’t speak to for months.

But my mom, is my role model and I aspire to “be her.”


“Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Enjoy your puffy cloud and keep me in line!”


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