Everyday Heros

What is a Hero? Each person has the idea of what a hero is. Maybe even knows a hero personally. We grew up with Superheros dressed in skin tight spandex, capes and have extrordinary powers. Who really believes in them except for children? Fighting Crime, showing an example of a generous, friendly and moral person. Are they really? I guess vigilante actions for the good of all innocent people may be an exception to the rule. I’m only bringing it up because I’m seriously curious.

For me I have a wide choice of what a hero is. In my opinion a hero can be someone who goes above and beyond to help someone. Someone who does extraordinary things outside of the norm. A hero is someone who saves a life, and risks his own. A hero to me is a first responder (firemen, EMT’s, Police) and our military soldiers. A hero can be a mentor and maybe even a teacher, councilor. For me a hero to me is someone who really puts others first.

Are you a hero? I’ve found a lot of people who have even put their lives in danger to save someone’s life, has denied themselves a hero. Humble even about saving a living being or an animal. Some heros actually have no clue they are heros to someone.  My hero is my dad. Not because he did something extrordinary, but because he always thought of others first before himself. He would help anyone, and had a gentleness that surpassed anyone else I know. He was compassionate and intelligent. My hero taught me a lot about life and reaching a hand out to others who are in need.



What is a hero to you?


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