My Best Friend

Today’s blog challenge is to describe my best friend. I have a couple of best friends actually. But I think I have to describe the one best friend I see and talk to every day.

My Husband.

Let me start by saying he is hilarious most of the time. He has me laughing and rolling my eyes for most of every waking moment. He doesn’t like confrontations, arguing or fighting. He can be a very sweet and thoughtful gentleman when he’s in the mood. Richard is supportive of all my projects I want to start and rarely finish. He is a great sounding board because he doesn’t judge. He’s generous to a fault and caring. He gives his all to helping and volunteering for the church. He’ll help anyone until he gets burned or ripped off. He’s a great dad and there’s a deepness to his soul.

Yes, he has quirks and some characteristics that stand out. But I easily overlook them because all of his positives make up for them. He does have a learning disability and speech impediment. But there’s nothing this man wouldn’t do for me.

He “listens” to me but doesn’t hear me when I’m talking and pretends not to pay attention. I think he does this intentionally though. He loves to see me get frustrated. It makes him giggle.

The one thing about my best friend that I just adore, is we don’t fight. We argue, disagree but we don’t have shouting matches. We don’t bring up the past and I think that is because we pretend to fight. Have you seen Dog The Bounty Hunter? If you have then you know we are quite a bit like the two of them.

Having a best friend who takes me for who I am, loves me and doesn’t try changing me. Having a best friend who I take for who he is, love him and I don’t try changing him.

We matter to each other.


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