Update & Changes

This blog started out as a Christian Journey niche that I never truly followed for one reason or another. I posted random posts regarding my life as a Christian, or I was not posting on a regular basis with long hiatus periods. Truth is, I have a life, yes I am a Christian and God is first in my life. But I have interests, I am more than ‘just a Christian’ and I want to enjoy sharing my interests, thoughts, feelings and my adventures as well as what is going on in my life as a Christian woman. Not just as a Christian.

I had a small handful of different blogs and bouncing around and dealing with real-world life was pretty much taxing on my time, creativity and just about drowned me from even wanting to post. My solution is to turn Written In Pinks blog into Living, Laughing, Loving and Creating. Doing blog challenges, sharing my bullet journal, my digital art, thoughts, feelings, hobbies, photos and doing all the laughing, living, loving and creating with you. I hope this makes sense. I pretty much had lost who I was with blogging content that I thought “had to be a niche” of one sort or another. I’m not a one stream type of person. I live in a varied world and there is nothing about my life that I concentrate more than another. Everything melds together or I wouldn’t be me. I can’t cut off who I am to blog according to the rules and guidelines. I’m not here to make money. I am here to share with others who are interested. I can not be a robot. I’ve proved that to myself time and time again.


I’ll be posting from the true self that I am and the posts are not going to be drafted only to be edited over and over. I will post from my heart. from my perspective and opinion and I welcome you to check my posts out and to even follow if it’s to your taste. If not there are no hard feelings, I completely understand.

So I’ve deleted all posts that were previously on this blog, I’ve brought over my most recent posts for May’s blog challenge and now things are fresh and pretty in pink. I know I probably could have picked a different color but I can’t help it. Pink is Pretty and pink is my favorite of two colors.

So here we go. Are you ready?


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