Showing Love


Being a Former Military Wife we go to the marriage counseling classes the military offers every once in a while  -Marriage Retreats – Or the Marriage Research Project for Military Families.   I have been to a few and of course you are taking quizzes, given books to read and of course taught walk away from arguments.

We learn their is 5 Love Languages

Quality Time
Words of Affirmation
Physical Touch
Acts of Service
Receiving Gifts

Out of these five Mine is Quality Time, Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch.  Yes it is possible to have more than one.   Those are me through and through.

Quality Time  is something I can not get enough of. Even it if is doing a simple task together. Cooking dinner, errands or a movie. Even playing a game together.

Words of Affirmation – I love it. Especially hearing I am proud of you or something to that effect.

Physical Touch – Who does not love to be touched. Even it is a simple touch of the hand, stroke of the hair, or kiss on the cheek. Anything to show you are loved!

Don’t get me wrong I am all for the other two but those are my top three.  Little Gifts could make any girl happy, but honestly its more of the quality time that I want. Anyone can give gifts at any point in time but it is not often that you can get quality time with the one you love.

Now with that being said If you have not checked it out go to

take the quiz and learn more about your love language.  I have met the Arthur of the book and read the book my self a few times.   It is really good and you can learn alot about your self from it.

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