A Few of My Favorite Things

I had a good hard giggle over today’s post. My little secret regarding today’s topic of favorite things is that I have a ton of favorites. I have collections of a few and I’ll share only five of those. Otherwise, I’ll be sitting here typing all night if I don’t limit things.


My favorite flower is the Gerbera. They are dainty, simple and the varieties of colors and sizes are an amazing amount. I’m more prone to feeling loved when I receive a gerbera or two than a dozen roses.


2. Nature. I have to have nature. Nature is my favorite place to be other than curling up with a good book, a cup of coffee, my fluffy blanket and my furbabies on a rainy day. Nature makes me happy, centered and I feel like I belong in the woods or a field rather than the busy race of the city or our crazy town.


3. Sheep, sheep and more sheep. I collect stuffed sheep now thanks to our Pastor who just happened to give me a stuffed sheep. The Lamb of God is my theme when it comes to collecting them.


4. Books have a place in my heart. I have a collection of actual, physical books. I love how they feel with their weight in my hand. The textures of the covers and the pages. Each book feels and even smells different. I collect books, read them and I cherish them.


5. Last but not least. My vapes are something of a major favorite of mine. I actually have been collecting them since this new year. I currently have 1 Nord for nic salts, a pen vape that I’m not thrilled with but it’s mine. I have two Aegis which one is a full-size vape and I have the mini-me version of it. Both are look-alikes with black and white camo. I have a Voopoo Drag with black white and red marble design. I have a Wismec Tinker (My baby) and I just purchased a Wismec Active (plays Bluetooth). I’ve had three or four others which ended up having to be tossed. They literally went to “Vape Heaven” and My husband is getting on my vape bandwagon. Between us, we are stocking up on vapes and vape juice. (he’s the juice collector).

So for me, my favorites are a slightly strange variety but I could think of worse things to have as favorites.

What are some of yours? Do you collect them?


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