My Favorite Things


A few of my favorite things, where do I even begin.  I know I have a few things that is my favorite and I have so many things that I collect!   If I listed everything that is my favorite I would be here forever. So lets see what I can come up with

  1.  Frogs – I do not know why, but I became obsessed with frogs.  I have several little frog statues everywhere and stuffed frogs.
  2.  Tatty Teddies –  Those I started collected when I got my first one as a gift. They quickly became my favorite.
  3. Books – Some see this as a bad thing but I love books  – I tend to collect them. I mean I have several full sets of books.   Ranging from all different genres.

Those are just 3 things that are my absolute favorite!  I could go on but that would take forever to actually do and I do not want to bore you with everything!