Don’t Worry… Be Happy!

What worries me? What doesn’t worry me? That is actually the question I should probably be answering right now. I don’t just worry. Worry becomes the cloak of stress in such a short time and with everything I’m concerned about.

I worry about work, bills, making sure my husband doesn’t overdo things and get worked up with his heart, I worry about my step-daughters, the fur-babies, errands, what to make for dinner, what to wear, that humidity will give me really bad hair days. I really don’t think there’s anything I don’t worry about.

The trick is turning that worry over to God. For me once I make the steps to make sure everything is done, then I can say “Now God, it’s up to you to work your will in my life.” I take a break and dive into something that makes me think of something other than the daily stresses of life.


We all worry. But it’s all in how we handle it.

What do you worry about?


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