Life Changing

Life itself is full of life-changing moments. It’s hard to decide on just one. I suppose a positive one is needed today. The weather has been miserable with rain for quite a while and it’s getting seriously depressing. A moment that changed my life. A big one that changed my life immensely is our wedding. Getting married for the third time for both of us. Does that have significance? I don’t know but I learned a lot of what not to do and say, what to do and say and it made me a better wife I believe. This marriage, however, is different.

The way we met, the short relationship between meeting and getting married. All are sufficiently strange and everything happened extremely fast. The day we met was in September. We were acquaintances inhabiting the same room every day for a while, bumming cigarettes, and having flirtatious quips between us. by April we were officially a couple, a few days after starting a real relationship I moved in with him, and within 6 months we were married.


We don’t fight, we do argue but when we feel it becoming more than the two of us disagreeing we walk away. we pretend to fight a lot. Maybe that helps. But the change in my life when I married my husband was an intense one. I was no longer having to be worried about only myself, I had someone to share ups and downs with. Everything is a partnership. Somethings I learned very fast because I never had any of that in my previous two marriages. We pretty much complete each other. I’ve learned a lot in the past year and the day I married my soul mate I was overcome with so much love that I cried during the entire ceremony. I felt complete. Finally.

I think it suffices to say we have the marriage and partnership my parents had. I’m just like my mom was and my husband is just like my dad was. It’s funny, I always wanted a knight in shining armor like my dad to be my husband. I was daddy’s girl my entire life that he was alive. There is a lot of my dad’s humor, quirks, habits, demeanor in Richard. He’s also a very caring and generous man like my dad.

It’s a shocker that out of 48 years my mom never liked any guy I dated or my two previous husbands. But when she met Richard she told me he was a keeper and not to mess things up with a good guy. Mom’s know best. So when Richard proposed on his knee in front of my mom I couldn’t say no… I didn’t want to. Maybe that was the moment that made a change in me. Maybe just meeting him the very first time. Whatever it is, whatever that exact moment was where I felt different, realized my world changed drastically… It was with Richard regardless.


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