Victory… Or So It Seems

I have had a lot of victories in my life. They come in everyday things mostly. Just the little things that seem to give me the most satisfaction. Now and then a great and amazing victory happens. Those victories embed themselves and I always look forward to the next. I do appreciate all the little everyday ones.

The first one that is consistent every day is the victory of waking up and having another brand new day to do better than I did the day before. Now that I think about it I think this may be one of those grand victories. I used to take this for granted for a very long time. Now I am grateful. Maybe we take these types of victories for granted and don’t really think about the gift we are given.


I did have a victory. I am now able to eat nuts. I’ve not been able to chew them for almost 20 years. And I was given a huge gift from my Pastor who actually has adopted me as the daughter she never had. And because of love and generosity, I am eating things I’ve not been able to due to new teeth.

When I was growing up I had been sick a lot and on antibiotics for years and years. The antibiotics pretty much ate my teeth up. They rotted so bad that I wasn’t able to sleep, eat and could barely talk. I was in so much pain that I had to get oral surgery and have them all removed. It was a victory! No more pain, I was able to eat and sleep. Or so I thought. After years of having to mush my food and not really chew I ended up unable to eat raw vegetables, nuts and I was unable to chew meat so swallowed small mushed up chunks and choked a lot. I was essentially miserable. I hated to eat in public or in front of anyone else. I covered my mouth when I laughed or smiled and I despised going into public. My self-esteem was so low I was becoming verbally mean to others around me. I was unhappy. There was a realization that yes I had a victory for not being in pain but it came at a cost. Now however I’m a social butterfly, I laugh and smile without hiding it. I feel beautiful and I can sleep, eat whatever I want and I’m out of that miserable self-pity I was living in.

So there are victories without negative repercussions as well as one’s with.

What is one of your victories and how has it changed your life?


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