An Organized Mess

I find myself saying “I’m organized.” Well, I am. My office is a bit disheveled due to moving from one room into a very small one with two people. My office is also a reception/waiting room. So until we slowly find homes for everything the shelves and filing cabinets are a slightly organized mess. At home, I have a hard time keeping things organized. At least I do until I get OCD and decide it’s time to do a total purge and cleanse of the unwanted, unnecessary, not needed items. Then find homes for the things that are.


I have inherited a lot of things from my mom. Things that bring tons of memories that I’m finding hard to part with. Things that I know meant a lot to my mom. So our small one bedroom apartment is disheveled. I’m in the process, albeit a very slow one, of getting things to storage that is not used or needed. And then going through the storage unit and purging all of the things that mean hardly anything to me, unwanted or unusable due to condition. It’s not easy or fun.


Am I a hoarder? Or a glorified rat packer? Maybe even a Memory Mongor? We are talking a 10 foot by 10-foot storage unit that is chock full of things which some of I haven’t looked at in over a year.

Our cats now have claimed our bedroom. A Queen-sized bed that I was dying to get, bought, used for a little while until we ended up with a sectional couch. We now fall asleep watching NETFLIX as we cuddle the kitties on each of our sections. When the cats are feeling like they need space and lounging time, they claim spots on the bed. Although the room is small and there is not much room, they love the “safe feeling.” I personally don’t find comfort in the bedroom in any way. My thought: put the bed in storage and one of the extremely big dressers too. Put the cat tree, my rocking chair in there as well as my desk and claim it as my office. Do I do it? no, because that means I have to make a decision to rid our apartment of either the long vanity dresser my mom gave me OR my husbands ancient dresser that takes up an entire wall. I’m not good with this at all. Yes, I’m seriously an organized mess. The house is clean, doesn’t that count for something?!

My search is for a happy medium and I’m not finding it. My goal is to find a way to purge the house, organize it as well as the storage, but “my schedule doesn’t give me hardly any time to do a dang thing.” Excuses, Excuses. One excuse after the other. And if I’m honest, there is two of us in the household who are organized rat packers and I’m trying to do this for the both of us. It’s like trying to get water from a dry well. A lot of work, with no result!

I need intervention, great advice, tons of time and energy and if I don’t get a move on, this blog entry will be a re-post in 8 months time. Time will tell. Who knows I’ve known to find inspiration in the darndest places!


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