Staying Humble – Compliments

There is nothing like a compliment. It picks you up when you are down. Boosts your self-esteem. Some people thrive on getting complimented for whatever reasons they have. And there are those of us who find themselves blushing from unnecessary attention. We don’t gloat at being noticed and are thankful for a sincere compliment. But being humble about it. That is another situation. Two words I find, are sometimes easier than other times. I try staying humble.

I get a lot of compliments at work. I get a lot on Sunday service, bible study, and other church activities. I also give them as much as possible. I haven’t minded them and usually ended up strutting around like a peacock with my tail feathers fanned out behind me. Now however I’m becoming very modest about myself and am trying to maintain a humble mentality and heart.


I have found myself surrounded by a multitude of people who are flashing around to get compliments, praise or even a pat on the back. For me, that is PRIDE showing through. I’ve met a few people in my life who are miserable without someone giving “Kudos” to them. I don’t even know why people are so dire for someone to tell them they look beautiful or handsome, did a good job or have an amazing this or that! Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had self-esteem issues my whole life. I’ve craved for someone to tell me I’m beautiful just once in my life. But since this past year, I’ve found out that it’s the subtle things that make a compliment. It doesn’t have to be words.

My biggest compliment and the most recent one that I received was when my husband (who does not verbally compliment me) raised his eyebrows and smiled at me. This came when I came out of the dentists’ office with a brand new smile he’d never seen before. Since then I’ve noticed a second look, a smile, raised eyebrows or even a wink is a compliment. I’ve received those all of the time but didn’t realize just what the message was. Words say a lot and I was listening, not looking.

So my advice when it comes to compliments:

If you look and not just listen for a compliment, you will have an abundance!
Not everyone says what we want to hear but body language says it all! Look for the compliment and acknowledge it. We all need a boost of self-esteem (not ego) and I think if we all gave one compliment a day it would be a better world, whether it’s a verbal; “Hey love that necklace!” or raised eyebrows at our partner in acknowledgment that they look amazing!

Pass it around, it’s contagious. Trust me, I know!


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