May Challenge

Getting ready for May and found this interesting Journal Prompt from Life of Lovely.

My Pea and I are doing this together. You can find her blog A Girl & Her Shoes and you are more than welcome to join in. Just leave your blog name and URL in a comment or contact me and Pea and I will add you into a link up!

1. A recent compliment
2. Are you organized or messy?
3. Your biggest victory
4. A moment that changed you
5. What worries you?
6. The last book you read
7. A few of your favorite things
8. How do you show love?
9. Three things you are proud of
10. Describe your best friend
11. What is a hero?
12. Who is your role model?
13. An outfit that makes you happy
14. The last piece of real mail you received
15. What are you looking forward to?
16. One quality you want to improve
17. The songs in your life soundtrack
18. What are you working towards?
19. One good thing you can do tomorrow
20. Something you’ve learned from a mistake
21. A recent good moment
22. The people who make you the happiest
23. Something that needs to change
24. How are you taking care of yourself?
25. How are you taking care of others?
26. Top three favorite experiences
27. Life goals in five sentences
28. A person you’d like to meet
29. The best kind of cake is…
30. The habits you want to have
31. The best thing that’s happened this month


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