Starting off May with a Blog Challenge with My Pea from Forever Myself! We figured it would be interesting to do this together so we decided why not!

Today’s topic is a Recent Compliment! The most recent comment I guess would have to be from a lady who works at Taco Bell. We went in recently while Diana Visited for spring break and she said I looked beautiful with my hair cut the way it is now.
That made my day! Someone we met in passing to say something like that even though she does not really know anything about us! Yes, Kris tells me I am beautiful but that does not really make me content. When a friend or someone I don’t know says it I tend to smile more. Why I am not really sure. Just seems to be the way it works! I know a few people who are the same way!  Hearing others say thing about you that do not know you generally makes one feel good about them self! I know it does me!