Just Maybe

Sometimes I wonder if Just Maybe, I am asking to much from my partner but then again I should have to ask for much.. Hell When you are basically told they do not find you attractive your world crumbles around you! Ok, Just maybe I am not the prettiest girl in the world, the skinniest or the most perfect face and hair.. I have had 3 kids and if you want perfect go find a Barbie Doll.. I am far from perfect. I make mistakes, I am flawed. I do not have the perfect Body, I have stretch marks, I have scars and I have many imperfections. I do not have a itty bitty waist! I know i am not perfect but I am simply who I am!

I just need to remember that I am stronger than i am. I need to remember that I am the only one who is going to control my happiness! I am the only one who has the ability to change this! Though it is hard when you give someone so much and get so less in return!

2 thoughts on “Just Maybe

  1. Samantha, nobody should ever say that to anyone. I’ve told you how my ex wife hardly ever complimented me or told me I was “attractive”, which is partly why I am always getting down on myself.

    You are beautiful and I try to tell you that every time I can. You just need to believe it too. Any person would be lucky to have you.


  2. Sam you’re beautiful and if anyone tells you otherwise they are just plain downright stupid!!! You have a beautiful smile, your funny, your smart, and I’m damn glad I know you!! Don’t ever let anyone put you down and if your talking about your other half, I guess she hasn’t looked in the mirror lately had she?

    Love you kid!!!


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