Just Maybe

Sometimes I wonder if Just Maybe, I am asking to much from my partner but then again I should have to ask for much.. Hell When you are basically told they do not find you attractive your world crumbles around you! Ok, Just maybe I am not the prettiest girl in the world, the skinniest or the most perfect face and hair.. I have had 3 kids and if you want perfect go find a Barbie Doll.. I am far from perfect. I make mistakes, I am flawed. I do not have the perfect Body, I have stretch marks, I have scars and I have many imperfections. I do not have a itty bitty waist! I know i am not perfect but I am simply who I am!

I just need to remember that I am stronger than i am. I need to remember that I am the only one who is going to control my happiness! I am the only one who has the ability to change this! Though it is hard when you give someone so much and get so less in return!