This Time of Year


It’s not enough that the holidays can be not only busy but stressful, and with the lack of reason to celebrate for some and for others of us it’s just so busy at work and hours increase leaving us feeling like wind up toys that just notice ourselves beginning to feel the tightening of the gears as we lose that momentum. I have to commend those who keep the momentum all year and gain even more during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. I find myself this year having a real struggle with Thanksgiving. The closer it gets the more I want to curl up at home with my bible, a cup of hot cider and forget celebrating. It’s hard for me because this is the first Thanksgiving without my mom and it was the last holiday we celebrated together. But she wouldn’t want me shunning my extended family nor treating it like just another day, and God opened a door to celebrate with my three step-daughters and friends. I am going to swallow that hollowness I feel and make the holiday something new and a reason to enjoy food, share my thanksgiving and thank God for all he’s provided me. I’ve lost a mother but I’ve gained so much in the past year. My husband I are celebrating our one year wedding anniversary this month as well so I have plenty to be thankful for this year.

Upon self-reflection for the holiday season I also realized with much shock that the new year is literally just around the corner and that means (where has the past year gone?) I know there are those of us who make yearly goals and there are those of us who are really organized and think a couple months ahead.. A new bible study plan for the year, possibly a refreshing read of the bible in a year for 2019 might be on that to-do list too?!

For the remainder of this month I myself, am preparing for 2019 as a rebirth of sorts. I’ve seemed to be feeling that since June of this year I’ve been kind of in a cocoon and molting into the next phase of my life as a Christian and that sudden and defining urge to really make my life all about being organized, closer to God and more dedicated to Him, my church and family. At the end of this post I have a list of my steps to begin organization with work, family and home and things I’ve got on order to help with that. Once the new year begins I’ll be sharing it with you and I can only pray it inspires you. Sometimes when things become chaotic a step back needs to be taken. Chaos has no place in my life. Chaos and I do not get along in any way, shape or form. And that also applies to my study of scripture. I really have been working on a scripture study routine and outline that works for me and I would love to share that with you as well as a wonderful “Reading the entire bible in a year” schedule. But for now we’ll take it one day at a time and one post at a time.

We have plenty of time. It’s November and I’m trying to take increased hours at work starting this coming Monday that instead of awkward and unstable work days that a regular schedule will allow me to remain active on a regular schedule here. I don’t forsee any major disruptions. However we know it happens at one time or another.

As a tidbit, I was perusing Pinterest as I do multiple times everyday for inspiration, tips and tricks and for wonderful spiritual prompts. I came to the conclusion that everyone is different. No two people read the same thing the same way and get the same thing from it.  So with that said, anything I post here for prompts, or even the bible reading schedule, please know you don’t have to do it exactly as written. You should find the way you do best with, the things I post on here to share with you to use for your personal use is in no way something that has to be followed by the letter. I would love for you to apply what your interested in to suit your own personal way of doing things. My stuff is just inspirational, (I hope and pray) and there are times where I change things up five or six times just to keep things interesting.

So with a Christian Bullet Journal being ordered, A new yearly devotional waiting to be opened on January 1st and a whole new array of colored pens, pencils, markers and watercolors with brushes in tow I think the only things I need on my pick up list is washi tape, stickers and printables to help out with the lettering practice and make up some doodle insert pages for my binder. Then it’s off to creative organization for me!

I invite you along as I get things set up, prioritized and map out my ORGANIZING STEPS to declutter and schedule. I’d love to hear as the next few weeks come and go, what your goals, plans and priorities are for the new year.

I’m also as a quick note working on finding my Life Verse. The one verse that stands out to me. The verse I can use everyday for the rest of my life. That defining verse that God points out and says “THIS ONE,” and then I know the new year will start out with positivity, loving kindness, compassion, patience, gentleness and love.


God Bless & Protect




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