Oh Boy! What A Joy!



Somehow I’ve found myself being that of a human version of a hurricane. God calls, I answer and then I find there are more doors opened that I feel compelled to enter. I can’t help it really. Between knowing that God knows what’s best for me and the curiosity I have of just what those things are, I enter the doorways at full speed and don’t slow down until I’ve got that part of His plan on the “getting it done” gear. For the most part it seems as if each Trustee meeting brings something new to my roll at the church. I’m really enjoying it. I’m not complaining in the slightest bit. I know that God has a purpose for me and I trust that He will reveal it to me when He feels it’s the right time. In the meantime I’m following his lead and finding myself with more responsibility, less free time to blog, and I spend almost every free moment in scripture, prayer and right now when I have the quiet freedom I knit. I find it is something that relieves daily stress and it’s also  productive as it keeps my mind from wandering in 50 different directions at once. The knitting I’m doing are winter hats (beannies) for the homeless. I’m trying to make one hat a day until the local winter overflow shelter opens and then take them up and let those staying at the shelter choose a hat of their liking. It’s my way of paying back. The shelter helped me the winter of 2016 to spring of 2017 and I know what it’s like being out in the cold on a Sunday with no where to go to get warm. I don’t have the resources to do coats and blankets. Yarn is rather affordable and other than one skein of yarn per hat (sometimes two hats), it’s a win, win situation for me and for those staying the cold fridgid nights protected. It’s the daytime on Sundays when nothing is open, there is no place to gather to stay warm and occupied. It hurts my heart that no one wants to open up the day shelter 7 days a week from the time the night overflow shelter closes in the morning until it opens in the evening. Hrmmm I guess that costs money that a non-profit organization doesn’t quite have. It’s a shame really.

Anyways, back to my purpose of my ever late post…

I’m an office secretary interim until we hear whether the actual secretary is coming back or retiring when her leave of absence is over which is an undefined amount of time. I’ve switched roles with the treasurer so now she does the collection plate, I am treasurer as well as the previous mentioned role. With this change the only thing that is really different is there will be more responsibility and more work. However the only role I get a paycheck for is the secretary. The treasurer’s position is volunteer. And trust me. I don’t mind. I do the payroll already as well as the monthly, quarterly and annual reports anyways, so really I’m loving it. I do most of my work that is not actual secretary duties at home, which is an incredible bonus!

In light of all this I have managed to work out a wonderful and I hope interesting calendar of posts. And yes you will be seeing more regular posts from me.


To leave you with a verse of scripture until tomorrow, a little something to THINK about!

‘Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts’   – Proverbs 4:23

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