Busy Bumble Bee



Well, once again it’s been another month since my last post and now that things have calmed down I’ll be able to post once a week minimum and maybe more when time allows. I ended up getting a sort of promotion at work so I’ve been really busy with payroll, payroll audits, taxes, treasurer expense reports and income reports among the office secretary duties. Busy as a bumble bee with a flower! And I feel like I’ve not only let my readers down but also myself and God. Just have to make time and make the most of the blog and my posts!

Just to catch you up, I bought WarRoom a wonderful movie about war prayers and fighting that devil who enjoys taking the joy from you. I cried through the entire movie and it’s my go to when things are feeling like I can’t seem to get out of the hole of desperation.

Another note is I’ve started a War Binder. I wish I had either an extra small room or a closet I can actually sit in. but the war binder works wonderfully for me. I’m also studying scripture via Pinterest. There are so many useful and interesting pins that I’m drawn to. I have to really watch myself because I can sit for hours pinning everything I see for praying, bible study and random information about the books in the bible. If you are looking for things to put in your bible journal, war binder, war journal then I suggest doing a search on Pinterest. However I’m finding that doing so many of other peoples suggested scripture reading and studying that things either get repeated randomly or I actually find myself just opening the bible and picking a verse. There is nothing like suprising myself with a verse that is totally unplanned! Personally I think at the first of the year I’ll be coming up with my own scripture studies and sharing them here with those who are inclined to try them out. They will be themed just to keep things interesting.

Right now I’m helping my step daughter start her war binder and get into scripture study so when she moves back on November first she’s ready to dive in. Her bible will be ordered the first of the month too, my gift to her although she THINKS she’s paying me back!  She has one but she wants one she can highlight, and write in because her current bible was a gift from our pastor who is also her God Mother. When she visits she goes to church and she even sings in front of the congregation by herself, with me and/or our pastor. I’m really proud of her!

So, with everything happening I am back and I will post regularly. I have to sit this week and figure out an editorial calendar with a list of things to post on a permanent schedule so I am obligated to actually turn the laptop on for more than just work, post on the blog and visit my favorite blogs, which I am missing tremendously!


I’m off to grab my notebook and get to brainstorming.

God Bless and Protect!


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