To Be Pink, Or Not To Be – That is The Question!



Oh boy have I got a doozy for you today! I had someone ask me a while back why I named my blog “Written In Pinks” and I don’t think I ever gave an answer. Knowing me I probably had spent time away from the laptop and it got wiped from my head. That happens quite often. Yes I actually mean things get wiped out of my head if I don’t stay with it everyday. Mostly the blog, questions and what I was going to post. Short term memory is going with age I suppose.

So here is the story about a crazy lady who had too much time on her hands.

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved the color pink. Every shade and hue. Through the years I’ve always leaned towards pinks and light pastel purples. I’m drawn to them like a moth to a flame, or a cat to a mouse. And when I first started this blog when it was a personal blog where I’d post almost anything and everything until WordPress did away with Daily Prompt. I lost interest although I tried, I really did. But the name “Written In Pinks” is pretty much something I named the blog because I was journalling and I was writing mostly in pinks with accents of black. Before I realized the whole random personal post was something I wasn’t really interested in, I had upgraded my account. So when I realized just what I was supposed to do I didn’t want to lose the domain. When money is involved I try not to be a waster. And as you can guess my prayer/scripture journal is written in pinks. So I kept the name. Writing in pink(s) is pretty much who I am, my sweet and soft girly side of me.

If I was to be locked up in a padded cell in the local mental ward with a room mate I would not be able to share the pink crayons!

Pink is precious, and the words I write are too! At some point I’ll be running off to get a self hosted site and my blog layout will be white, black and soft pinks. Hold on to your parasols girls! Its coming but not for almost a year when this domain is due for renewal.

So that is the story behind the blog’s name.

Have a great day/evening/night and…

God Bless & Protect

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