At My Right Hand




Last Sunday our sermon was about pressure. Our Pastor actually had that specific one for me without me even knowing until yesterday when I went into the office. We all have pressure of some sort, home, work, church, religion. It’s there everyday. For me..  I got dropped into a job position at the church after taking the position of bookkeeper. Our Office Administrator had to take a leave of absence without a time frame. I was asked to fill in, and when God opens a door for me, I can’t say “No.” Trust me I was skeptical that being fill in for someone who has done the job for many years would be a good idea. But God obviously chose me and thinks I can handle the office and the pressure. There are things to be done that I have no clue as to how to do it. But I smile and carry on and do the best I can. The pressure for me is there are church members who are set in their ways and there’s no pleasing everyone all of the time, and the complaints come in. I put on my lipgloss, smile and pretend nothing is wrong. In the mean time I’m balancing the office, bookkeeping, collection plate, being a Deacon, a Trustee, home, and being a wife to a very understanding and supportive husband.

To say the least it’s not easy and obviously The Lord has confidence in me otherwise the door would have remained closed. I do pray daily for calm, patience and strength. Most days He grants it. Now and then He doesn’t and he has a reason for it. I usually end up learning something new about myself or Him. Nothing in this world could get me to tell my church, or God anything but yes. I’m blessed in so many ways. God has saved me so many times, the least I can do is be obedient and keep my faith strong knowing He is leading me somewhere for the purpose that He has planned for me.

In the thick of everything I know the only one who will not lead me in the wrong direction is My Lord and Saviour. God loves me. God knows me.


I have set the Lord always before me, because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken   -Psalm16:8

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