“Come, Follow Me.”


I wonder how many people would answer their door and give a total stranger a glass of water if they were asked, then if that person after drinking the water looked at you with love and compassion asked you to follow them, would you? Could you leave everything and walk out the door with just the clothes on your back, no note explaining your disappearance to your husband and/or loved ones? Do you doubt the stranger has good intentions? Do you wonder if that stranger might be false or would you believe that Jesus could knock on your door and have you follow him just because you were kind and non-judging of him, thinking and believing in you being a good Christian? Or even a possible chance of this occurring?

I’ve been asked this. Would I just drop everything and follow this man who looks to be homeless, and believe enough to think he really is Jesus Christ calling on me?

I would. If I calmed myself and listen for God’s encouragement to go. Without hesitation. But if that inner message didn’t come through I think I would say “No.” If I had a really bad feeling and God said: “Now is not the time.” I would have to think this person is a false prophet or even the devil himself tempting me.

So there you have it.

What in all honesty would you do?


God Bless and Protect.


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