Opened Doors

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There’s a lot to be said about meshing work life and home life. Especially when you have tons of appointments, personal paper work, and general wife duties. I’m not complaining by anymeans. Truth is I’m welcoming it. I just wish my brain wasn’t on overload so I could actually sleep. Now I’m waking up throughout the night thinking I missed something at work or a to-do list for the office. I’ve been super busy and hadn’t even turned on my laptop since my last post. If I’m going to be honest I not only hadn’t had the time, I just hadn’t thought about it. Seemed nice not to have to answer emails, surf the internet and I just found that I didn’t miss it at all. But paying for a domain kind of hit me in the stomach that I’m wasting money not posting or doing something with this blog. Personally I thought about deleting all the posts and just making this a total personal blog. But who really wants to hear my day to day life, complaints and all that other gobbledy-gook?

I’m trying to weave blogging into everything else going on and it’s always taking a back burner. I do have a couple of hours on Sunday evenings and I suppose one post a week is better than none. There’s a purpose and reason behind everything that occurs whether we choose that particular happing thing or we have our own personal reasons. Our lives are like a ball of yarn. We really have to decide what we are going to make of it. However I do let God lead me. And what comes next might be something no one is interested in or some are.

I started a Christian Life blog last month in June (I believe), it’s not going anywhere at the present time. Something in my heart and soul says to continue with it. But it’s not on a domain of my own, and I can’t afford to pay for two of them. I don’t know if you’ll all keep following me if I change up this one. But it’s something that I feel that I’m supposed to do. Non-Believers may say I’m crazy and wander off to do thier thing and I totally understand that. Believers may shout in support and that’s great. I am not in anyway about to push religion on anyone. But it’s a journey, a path if you will that I’m being called to follow and share with those who are curious, interested completely or a Believer themself. Being an American Baptist (not Southern Baptist mind you) is something that I’ve found is a priority in my life. God calls and open doors, I have to accept. There is no saying “I don’t want to.” if that door is opened and I feel God’s pull telling me that I should, could and can.

I am not sure if I can but I’ll archive all previous posts up to this one if it lets me, so nothing is a total loss. And redo this blog to suit it’s needs and purpose. I do hope you understand and if you don’t I support your decision to unfollow the blog.

Please note: This will be the last total makeover, redo for this blog. Once I convert it over that will be the end of the fly by the seat of my pants, “brainy idea” change. This is it! No more do overs left. Third time is the charm right?!


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