When is it really over?


When is a relationship really over? I mean you love someone and give this person your all and get nothing in return. I do not understand it really.  I mean I would bend over backwards to help and of course when I am the one who needs help I get nothing in return.   I never asked  for anything.  So sometimes I am wondering when is it really over?   I have cried so many moments and spent so many nights alone.  I hate being alone.. When I have a bad day at work I want to come home and have someone to hold me and tell me things are ok.   I want someone to hold me at  night when I have a nightmare.   I want someone to be goofy with me, cuddle me and watch movies and stupid shows with me.  I want someone who will come to work just to surprise me and and just tell me that they love me.   Sometimes it seems that it is something that I will never have though.  Sometimes I wonder when things will really be over? Or is it something that I want to end.  I love him yes and always have since he walked into my life 3 years ago but sometimes I need more out of this relationship as well.  I need  Love,  Attention and Cuddles just as much as the next person.    I ask my self every day will I ever get what I want out of life and a relationship but it seems that question is not what is ever answered.   I wish I knew how to answer that question or is it ever possible for me to be loved again?   Time will tell as with all things in life, love and happiness..