Why is it that people tend to stereo type you?  I do not get it. Unless you fully understand what Transgender is DO NOT STEREO TYPE ME.  Get to know the facts and learn to read a book from cover to cover before you judge someone.  No, I am not transgender, but Chris is.  Does that make  any difference to me? No, I love him for who he is and how he makes me feel.  People seem to place stereo types on everything they do not fully understand.  I  am not completely sure why labeling someone makes people feel better.  What people do not seem to understand is that I was married for 19 years to a Man.  Just because Chris is transgender ( female to male) does not make me a lesbian.  I think to myself, really what the fuck. It annoys me to no end that people judge Chris constantly, but do not judge me or label me!  I am human and to human is to error.   You can judge me but honestly before you label get to know me.  When you are looking for a book. Do you simply look at the back of the book and decide by that? No, You do research on it and decide from that.  Never Judge, simple get to know me and ask questions if you must.  I am just like a book. I am open and honest about everything.   Don’t like it tough. Do not stereotype me!

Ok that is enough on the rant.. I will be back with more!