What is Trust exactly? Yes, I know what it means and yes I know that it is something that is earned and not easily given, but do you know how bad it hurts when you are in a relationship and you are told that he does not trust you.  Yes, In the past I have made mistakes. Who has not made them? We are human and we make mistakes and we are not perfect by any means.   I give you all the trust in the world and I get nothing in return.. Ummm.. REALLY.. That kind of hurts ALOT!   What seems to hurt the most is the fact that he is never around to earn my trust. Is this how you are supposed to earn someones trust. Spy on them, have someone spy on them, REALLY..  I work, Yes in my line of work I have to talk to customers all day and Smile and be polite.. I am not going to frown and all.. That is not good customer service. I work at a Truck Stop. So I deal with Truckers who are looking for that friendly face when they stop.  As far as it goes is a smile and how is your day going? That is it. Why is that a reason not to trust.. If you a re in a relationship and you say you love the person. You should trust them. Right?

I guess I have this concept wrong of what Trust really is? Am I destined to be untrustworthy for the rest of my life.
And I thought the saying goes ” Why Accuse someone of cheating or doing something they are not when you are the one doing it.”
Do I have that wrong to?

When You tell me you want to move back in with your ex Girlfriend to be near the kids because you have to get them back in your life.. Being there for the kids is not something I have a problem with I never once said you can not go spend time with them. I have the issue of Moving back in with the Ex Girlfriend part!  I am supposed to be the Fiance. Engaged to you and this is what I am told.  I do not have my engagement Ring, its always been some reason or another.    I trust him completely and get nothing in return.

Ok, Enough ranting. I want to get this posted. I will be back with an update and more soon.

Samantha Renee