Is it really ok for someone to sit there and tear you down and threaten you? I am sorry that you think it is ok but honestly I am so tired of your crap. I am so tired of being treated like your punching bag.  It is either threats or you telling me how worthless I am.. Honestly I ask my self why I stayed married as long as I did.  Honestly.. threating to burn my house down, WOW Childish much.. All your countless hurtfull words and you always wondered why I had low self esteam.  Finally I am working on that no thanks to you. Yes, so many names I want to call you that I can think of at this moment but you know I learned I am better than that.     Sometimes I think to myself am I really everything that I am called? Hell My family even seems to think so. So It must be true Right?   It is constant You say I deserve EVERYTHING  YOU CALL ME AND YOU DESERVE TO CALL ME THAT FOR RUNNING YOUR LIFE. Right How the hell did I ruin your life ? You are the one who wanted to get married because you thought it was a good idea.. Right seems to be the wrong choice now and I regret it… NO that does not mean i regret my children.. They are one thing I DO NOT REGRET SO DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE AND THINK I DO.. I DO NOT..

I get so tired of being called all these names when all it does is emotionally bring me down.. I am a better person than you think I am..

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