In My Shoes


Lately,  it seems that no matter what happens  or I post anywhere I always get ” Oh Sweetheart I understand completely!” Do not tell me you understand or pretend you know me let alone judge me until you have walked in my shoes.   It gets kind of old quick after a while. I mean do you really know me or do you really want to know  what is going on in my life! I get that some of you may have  gone through everything  as well and I get that but sometimes. Before you judge me try walking in my shoes.  I know that people are trying to help and to make me feel better, but honestly,  sometimes it makes me feel worse. You trying to sympathize with me is not helping me at all.   I understand that divorce is a common thing lately but everyone is different.  Every divorce case is not the same. Some get to over dramatic with it and try and make it worse than it needs to be especially when you have agreed on a civil divorce because there is children involved. Not to mention everyone tries to tell me that I am wrong. What is so wrong? I left to find happiness. I left because after 18 years I always put everyone else and their  needs before my own. I left for me. I left because I was unhappy and needed to be happy for me. What was I supposed to do sit and be miserable for the rest of my life and cater to everyone else like I was doing!  Yes, I have had some struggles here but who does not have struggles especially after starting over in life after being married for so long.  I am pulling through and making my own way. Yes, I have had some help along the way but there is nothing wrong with having a little bit of help now and then.  Gradually and slowly  I am making my way. With Chris by my side all things are possible and he believes in me when I do not believe in my self half of the time.  Yes, there has been times when all I want to do is give up and he reminds me that I can not give up.

Ok so back to the origional topic. The other day someone said something to me and it kind of took me off gaurd and it was to the point to where it hurt. I made it a point to flat out tell them  ” Do not judge me until you walk in my shoes.” They were trying to tell me that it was my fault for everything I am going through. What exactly is my fault? Can someone explain that to me? Is it because I chose a different place for my life? Is it because I put my happiness before others for once? Is it because I am getting a divorce? Or is it because of whom I choose to love?  Honestly I think  I am told that because they simply do not understand my life or anything in my life.   Whom I choose to love and fall in love with is my choice and no one elses.  Love knows no Gender or Sexuality. So Guess what I am happy with my life the way it is and honestly before you pass judgement on me or anyone else try walking in out shoes. No one is perfect. Not even  the one passing judgement. I know I am flawed and I have made mistakes in my life. Who does not make mistakes? We all have at some point in our lives..

Well that is it for now I want to get this posted. What are your thoughts? Are you tired of being judges for something ?