Perfect Day

My perfect day would be any and every day I get Chris for more than a few hours. 24 hours with him would be my perfect day. He is everything to me and my perfect day is any time with him really. As his perfect day would be any time with me.  

Simple huh:)

What do I get myself?

Honestly I have not bought anything for my self in a while.  I used to but a lot of tubes and scrap kits but not any more. I have not really gotten anything for me in 6 months or more.  I always make sure the bills are paid. Chris buys me gummy bears. But that would be the only thing I get for my self usually.

What do I Collect

The things I collect is a bit different and odd..  Over the years what I collect has been very odd and different.. I started out as collecting shot glasses and then moved to collecting glass figurines and Tatty Teddies.. Tatty Teddies were and are my favorite things to collect. They happen to be my favorite stuffed animal.  I know I am a bit crazy but they are what makes me smile