Why is it that every time you think you will be OK, something happens and you fall back down flat on your face? I had 250.00 in a bank account and I check a bit ago and it is gone. Taken out to pay one of the ex’s bills. Really and he wont fix it. So I spent an hour on the phone yelling at the bank and him and in tears because I am pissed.  I am not sure what I am going to do now.. I have to pay 2 bills and they have to be paid today.  So I am sitting here trying to figure this out. I am pissed to no end and trying to stay positive. I know things happen for a reason and usually those things come at a price. Granted I am not sure what that price is at the moment.  I am just trying to figure this out.

Granted I love my job but honestly getting paid every 2 weeks is annoying as fuck. I feel like I am falling so far behind on things and I am not sure what to do.  I get one thing caught up and something else happens and I get behind on something else. So I am frustrated, annoyed and not sure what I would do..

UGH I guess I better go now.. I am sure no one wants to hear me ramble and complain about things that no one can or will help with. Until next time..


Summer Treats

What is some of my favorite summer treats? Well that is a tough one.  It has been a while since I was able to get anything I wanted as a Treat.  Growing up my favorite was always ice cold lemonade or  sweet tea with Lemon. Hell they are still two of my favorites. Chris has got me hooked on frozen cokes though 🙂  So those right now happen to be my favorites. Also growing up Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream was my favorite and still is!  That is about all I can think of that I like during the summer..  What is your favorite Summer Treat?