Childhood Memories

Well I already answered this last month but I remember something that I did growing up every time I went to go visit my grandparents in Alabama.  Growing up we lived in Alabama for a while and not far from my grandparents. So what I would do is when I knew we were going to my grandparents house I would sit for hours and put Shirley temple curls in my hair, because my grandfather and I would sit for hours and watch Shirley Temple Movies Non stop.. That is one thing I remember that would be my favorite.

Another would be when my mom used to drive an Ice Cream Truck.  She only did during the summer and While she worked I would stay with the people she worked for because they were friends with her. So I would stay with their kids.. They lived in front of a River and we were always swimming and eating ice-cream. That was always a favorite during the summer.   They had a place in the River they called Toy Island because anything that landed in the river ended up down on the island. Most of the time it was trash or what ever else but sometimes you could find alot of different things. It would just depending. Anyways we would always go down their at least a few times a week and have a little picnic on the island and of course had to have the ice cream until. I remember coming back up the river and being chased by a snapping turtle. My friend Mandy and I were the last out and she stood up out of the water and a snapping turtle attached to her shorts.. It was pretty funny. Though we never got hurt thankfully..

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